Data products and softwares released by our members and projects.

Observational Data Release

Hyper Suprime-Cam (data access)
The latest public release (third release) of HSC-SSP includes over 600 square degrees of deep multi-color data served through dedicated databases and user interfaces.


A Python-based open-source package that performs two-dimensional model fitting of optical and near-infrared images to characterize the light distribution of galaxies with components including a disk, bulge, bar, and quasar.

Yomikata uses context to resolve ambiguous words in Japanese (Demo).

A julia based code that identifies clusters, filaments, walls, and voids using a modified version of the NEXUS algorithm, developed as part of Sunseri et al. 2022.


IllustrisTNG in the HSC-SSP (arxiv:2308.14793)
Synthetic images of galaxies from the IllustrisTNG simulations made using dust radiative transfer post-processing with SKIRT. The images are designed to match the observational characteristics of the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program. Both “HSC-realistic” and noise-free, high-resolution versions of the images are available. Galleries: HSC-realistic mocks, idealized mocks

kappaTNG (arxiv:2010.09731)
A suite of mock weak lensing maps based on the cosmological hydrodynamic simulations IllustrisTNG (TNG300-1), suitable for studying the effects of baryons on weak lensing.

MassiveNuS (arxiv:1711.10524)
A suite of 100 cosmological massive neutrino simulations (+ 1 massless model), with snapshots, halo catalogues, merger trees, and CMB and weak lensing convergence maps.